Jonthan Tseng

Taiwan Office
Orient Star Transport International Ltd.
5/F, No.61, Sec.3,
Nanking E.Road, Taipei, Taiwan
T: (886-2)2506 7088
F: (886-2)2506 4958
Shipping has always played an important role in the international trade. Freight forwarders today work in a dynamic industry and are confronted by many challenges. The shipping market is always volatile, continuously evolving and changing.

Now, moving on into the information age, shipping is more than just moving freight from Point A to Point B. Companies are reviewing their cost and looking for better freight management. As a leading international freight forwarder, we fully understand the needs to provide a comprehensive logistical product to meet the demand of our customers.

There are 4 main areas where we are always striving for excellence:

1) We have embarked on an aggressive investment, building a powerful platform to enhance the capabilities of our system providing full logistical support to the demands of the customers.

2) Expanding our warehouse/CFS operation in Greater China, Vietnam, and S.E Asia to synergize the growth of our customer base.

3) Raising our customer service awareness and reaching out to our customers to strengthen our relationship with them. We continue to understand the fast changing market, and to serve them better. We believe in building a long-term partnership with all our Customers.

4) Continue to invest in the training of our employees.

We believe that with our great understanding of our customers, the market, and with our products and well trained and professional employees, we are able to step forward for many more years of great success.

I will do my best together with my employees to meet with your requirements and to your satisfaction, as our task now is to keep this level of success.

Thank you!
From Jonathan Tseng